The following videos are available for free to assist you or your organization in critical areas of driver safety training. Give us a call at 281-480-9847 or send us an email at if you would like to order one of the ATA "overview" DVDs or if you have any questions.

"The Leading Edge in Forensic Engineering"

An overview of ATA's full range of expertise and capabilities.

"Maritime/Marine Capabilities"

An overview of ATA's background and capabilities in maritime /marine testing and forensic investigation.

"Product Liability"

An overview of ATA's background and capabilities in product liability testing and forensic investigation.

We have put our entire truck training program selection on the web. By using this link to our Truck Driver Training video page, you can access our entire library of truck training programs. Below are some examples from our wide selection of driver training videos.

"Coupling and Uncoupling"

Coupling and uncoupling a tractor and trailer utilizing correct methodology are neccessary skills in the safe operation of a professional driver's rig. Attempting to couple or uncouple a rig without proper training may result in damage to the rig or injury to the driver and others. ATA Associates presents “Coupling and Uncoupling”, a concise driver training presentation which clearly describes and illustrates the fifteen basic steps to properly coupling and uncoupling a tractor trailer rig. The DVD based program is useful as a training tool for beginning drivers and an informative review for experienced truckers.

"Sixty Seconds for Safety"

ATA Associates introduces a new concept in truck driver training – the "Sixty Seconds for Safety" series. Each DVD features five one minute training segments that briefly illustrate important topics vital to the safety of truck drivers. Focused and concise, these minute long videos are designed to be used in training sessions to stimulate discussions of personal experiences and common problems drivers may encounter on the road. These are topics that are seldom covered in regular training sessions.

     Deceptive Headlights
     Smoke on the Roadway
     Confusing Roadway Lights
     Driving in Inclement Weather
     Judging Speed and Distance at Night

     Standing Water on the Road
     How Quickly Can You Stop?
     Aggressive Driving Wastes Fuel
     Right Front Blind Spots

     Placing Emergency Triangles
     Low Ground Clearance Trailers
     How Long Does It Take to Make a Left-Hand Turn?
     Having an “Out”
     Don’t Go Around Crossing Arms
     Discussion Questions

     Controlling Vehicles Around You
     Checking Tire Depth
     Internal Distractions
     CVSA Decals

     Properly Adjusting Your Mirrors
     Fire Extinguishers-FMCSR 393.95
     Rusted Lugnuts-What Do They Mean?
     Drain the Wet Tank
     Proper Footwear

The Road Series

programs are offered by ATA Associates, Inc. as training materials that can be used by independent truckers, truck companies and truck driver training schools as supplemental materials for their driver training programs. These materials are available without charge to members of the trucking industry. Additional materials may be developed in the future. Also available are downloadable driver quizzes and instructor’s guides.

“The Road Series: A Simple Safety Session”

DVD, length - 12:30
The first in The Road Series, A Simple Safety Session covers a variety of safety topics including: blind spots; underrides; braking; following distances; “fender benders”; concrete barriers; night driving and what to do when you have an accident.

“The Road Series 2: ...After the Accident”

DVD, length - 20:25
The second in The Road Series…After The Accident deals in detail with what a driver should and should not do when involved in an accident. Topics include: protecting the scene; emergency signals; summoning medical assistance; guide books; electronic data collection devices; reportable accidents; who to talk to at the scene; and what photographs should be taken.

"The Road Series 3: Level One Vehicle Inspections"

DVD, length 16:55
The third in The Road Series, Level One Vehicle Inspections covers the requirements of the DOT Level One inspection. Through awareness of these requirements, drivers recognize the importance of keeping their vehicles up to DOT standards. Compliance with these standards equates to less time lost on the road and a safer vehicle.