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Trucking Incident 1, Trucking Incident 2

Articles from "The Expert":
"Stay Away From the Dark Side" - Safety in Commercial Truck Unloading
"Bus and Heavy Truck Testing" - An overview and sampling of results from ATA sponsored testing

Safety Videos:
60 Seconds For Safety - Judging Speed & Distance
60 Seconds For Safety - Deceptive Lights


The heavy trucking industry has long been a core business focus for ATA. We have supported thousands of cases, establishing an extensive historical base of trucking accident reconstruction, trucking accident investigation and collection of analysis data, including our expanded heavy truck ECM/Black Box download and analysis capabilities. ATA has also been active in research and testing of truck performance and crashworthiness issues. Additionally, our staff and network of trucking safety experts have placed renewed focus on trucking safety, hazardous materials transport and driver safety training.


In the interest of supplying our clients with enhanced services, the ATA Transportation Team is an assemblage of seasoned experts associated with our company that work in a variety of areas that cover the wide spectrum of factors and eventualities that arise during the course of an accident investigation. In addition to performing the functions of accident reconstructionists, ATA serves as an investigation coordinator, utilizing our network of associated experts to serve our clients in the best, most efficient way possible.



ATA has conducted acceleration, braking and turning tests at Houston Community College Trucking School in Houston, Texas. Those tests were a part of an ongoing relationship with academic institutions in an effort to advance knowledge and trucking safety. Involvement with national, state and local trucking organizations through safety meetings, seminars and training sessions and support to the National Truck Driving Championships helps us keep our finger on the pulse of the trucking industry. Our team members are regular attendees and supporters of the Texas Motor Transportation Association, American Trucking Association, and the Houston Counsel of Safety Professionals.

ATA has been a strong advocate for the trucking industry through participation in safety forums and defense of trucking companies but has also stood firm on our commitment to safety and responsibility in the industry. With fairness and objectivity as our watchwords, ATA supports defense and plaintiff work in the trucking arena while continually supporting positive, proactive safety efforts.

One of the positive by-products of our involvement in performing trucking accident investigations through the years is that ATA has become extremely well-versed on the topic of vehicular accident prevention. Using this vast experience and knowledge in conjunction with our full production multimedia capabilities, we have developed an impressive array of driver safety training videos. We have placed our entire library of these videos on our ATA YouTube Channel.