ATA Associates Welcomes You to Our Trucking Safety and Driver Training Video Collection

In the course of working on over 5000 cases over the last forty years, we have been exposed to countless scenarios involving vehicle, marine and workplace accidents to the point where we have developed a thorough and comprehensive sense for proper safety practices and preparation. In an effort to make a constructive contribution to transportation professionals and the public at large, we have developed various safety training videos and programs.

Performing forensic engineering, incident investigation and advanced vehicle testing for the trucking industry has been a core focus for most of our firm's history. As a result, we have had a unique oppurtunity to witness and analyze the actions and practices that create dangerous situations out on the road; while at the same time proposing alternative actions that could have prevented these incidents from occuring in the first place.

It is our hope that the following videos and resources can inform, enhance or improve your own safety programs or knowledge base of safety concerns and issues.

The links below will take you to our videos and other resources. Please use the menu items at the top of the page to visit ATA's website or to contact us with your comments or questions.


Coupling and Uncoupling - (9:40)
A step by step instruction for coupling and uncoupling a tractor/trailer rig.

Aggressive vs. Conservative Driving - (4:01)
Comparing the two driving styles. Discussions are backed by scientific data.

Surviving on the Road with Trucks - (6:43)
Raising awareness of the hazards personal vehicle drivers face when in traffic with trucks & big rigs.

Road Series 1 - A Simple Safety Session - (12:21)
Blind spots,following & stopping distances, reporting an accident and more.

Road Series 2: After the Accident - (15:45)
Instruction on actions to take after being involved in an accident.

Road Series 3: Level 1 Inspections - (14:44)
Information for the driver on Level 1 and Level 5 inspections.

Check out our series of "60 Seconds for Safety" videos.

Detective Diesel Driver Training Series
Follow Detective Diesel and P.T. as they bring an exciting new
animated format to driver training programs.