Sometimes, we are confronted with a case or incident that requires developing testing platforms that go beyond the usual parameters of hooking up cameras and instruments, "turning the key" and reading the numbers. Quantifying obscure phenomena is one of ATA’s strengths and here are some examples of ATA's experts going above and beyond to find answers:

In an accident reminiscent of the infamous McDonald’s drive-through coffee spill, a client asked if we could characterize how the structural integrity of a paper coffee cup changes with and without a plastic lid. When a review of the literature indicated there was no peer reviewed method or standard for answering the question, we developed a method and made the measurements.

In the course of investigating a workplace incident, ATA staff needed to explore the question of the explodibility of sanded fiberglass dust, and could an electric sander serve as a source of an explosion when exposed to various concentrations of said dust.

Several incidents we have investigated have neccessitated constructing tests studying vehicle door impacts.

When confronted with an incident involving vehicle behavior and operator vehicle management during the course of a tire blowout, we developed a “cannon” that would fire a small projectile into a tire, replicating the blowout.

An incident involving head injuries to a cyclist necessitated the construction of a helmet impact testing station.

This case reqiured specialized vehicle stability testing for an SUV to be staged. Three-time Indy 500 winner and ATA associate expert Bobby Unser took the wheel in the performance of these tests.

Applied force testing performed on a local inventor's concept for a door security device.