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We at ATA do much more than investigate vehicular accidents. Over the years, there has been a natural evolution to become involved in the investigation and analysis of product or systems component related incidents, as well as developing a focus in the study of product safety.

Check out these Products & Products Testing Case Studies to get an appreciation for ATA's background in this forensic discipline.

ATA's engineering and technical staff experts provide clients with in-depth analysis based on product information from CPSC, UL, ASTM, ANSI and manufacturers product information. Additionally, we perform testing where it is warranted in order to verify condition, composition and operation.

Check out this VIDEO PLAYLIST, for a more comprehensive sampling of ATA's product testing capabilities:

You will not find a better test, inspection and reconstruction support facility. The 15,000 square foot ATA Technology Center is equipped with an overhead crane and vehicle lift, electrical, shop air, exceptional lighting and a full array of tools and equipment, including a fully appointed fabrication shop. This facility provides a clean, safe, secure, environmentally controlled work space.

The engineering and analysis lab is equipped to perform computer analyses, electrical component testing, limited small-scale flammability and fluids testing and instrumentation procedures. A sampling of resources includes:
- An environmental hood for safely conducting small scale tests on chemicals and flammables.
- Power supplies, oscilloscopes, waveform generators and general purpose electrical test equipment.
- Laboratory microscope for detailed examination of parts.
- An extensive collection of ECM/CDR data retrieval tools and software for nearly all vehicle models.
- Mitchell OnDemand - computerized vehicle repair information systems.

In the course of performing advanced testing over the last forty years, ATA has developed an ongoing relationship with the Houston Stuntmen’s Association, a local resource that boasts a highly skilled group of professional stunt persons that have extensive experience in a variety of venues.

Recent tests include minivan rear door structural loading, failure testing of glass containers, spring rate measurement and testing, hydraulic pump relief valve performance, SUV rollover tests, fuel pump failure mode tests and analysis, air bladder failure testing,stick-steer boat rate-of-turn tests and characterization of water heater thermostat operating parameters in optimal and sub-optimal conditions.