From the archives of "The Expert", ATA's industry newsletter:

ATA Testing Supports Expert Testing
- Testing standards & ATA capabilities
ATA Conducts Low Speed Crash Tests
- Automotive crash testing
- ATA conducts comprehensive tire blow-out testing
ATA Conducts Boat Tests in Louisiana
- Steering test and more...
Ski Tube Testing with GPS
- Marine forensic engineering techniques


ATA has built a reputation in the area of special circumstance testing. We have the facilities, resources and experience to plan, format, build and execute any manner of highly unique and individualized special testing scenarios. Automobile and truck tests, amusement ride device components and systems, small sample flammability, vehicle braking systems and components, vehicle fuel systems, hot water heater thermostatic controls and automobile seats are but a few of the areas we have done testing.

ATA's Technology Center
Large Vehicle Driver Control Testing
Open Course Tire Traction Testing
External Car Door Impact/Damage Testing
SUV Stability Tests
Vehicle Suspension Apparatus
Boat Steering Tests
Crash Testing at ATA Tech Center

ATA Associates Part of Team to Advance Utilization of NASA JSC Facilities

Additionally, we have conducted full-scale boat, automobile, truck and watercraft testing, as well as vehicle handling, vehicle performance and vehicle crashworthiness. We also have the capability to perform comprehensive product testing for existing items or those still in development.