Using Stuntmen in Accident Reconstruction – Seeing is Believing

The kinematics of the human body are complex, and our reflexive movements can sometimes be surprising. These realities present challenges to the accurate analysis and modeling of bodily motion in the reconstruction of certain types of accidents. For that reason, for over 25 years ATA Associates has utilized the services of professional stunt men and stunt women in the reconstruction of certain accidents. Observing and documenting an accident re-enactment with one or more live subjects involved is often the best way, and sometimes the only way, that a complex accident can truly be understood. The use of professional stunt people allows accident sequences to be demonstrated in a safe and responsible manner, and the resulting visualization may be the key not only for the jury to understand but also for the technical reconstructionist to really understand the complex interaction of humans and objects in an accident.

Stunt people are a unique breed of professionals. Typically, they combine an outstanding level of athletic skill and conditioning with years of training and experience in the more technical aspects of their craft. They thoroughly plan and choreograph the various aspects of a stunt before attempting it, but even then they may ultimately rely on their training, quick wits and reflexes to adapt to and respond safely to unexpected situations.

In the course of formatting testing scenarios over the past four decades, ATA has developed a relationship with The Houston Stuntmen's Association (HSA),a resource that boasts a highly skilled group of professional stunt players with extensive experience in a variety of venues.

Click on the link below to view a video of ATA testing sequences featuring the use of stuntpersons:
Stunt Persons in Action for ATA

ATA reconstructions utilizing stunt professionals have included:

- Product Malfunctions
- Slips and Falls
- Vehicle Occupant Dynamics
- Auto/Truck Collisions

- Pleasure Boat Accidents
- ATV Mishaps
- Vehicle/Pedestrian Accidents
- Night Lighting Hazards