ATA's roster of professionals is composed of a variety of individuals with a broad range of credentials and expertise. P.E., CSP, and PhD's are but a few of the designations our staff has earned.With an average of 22 years of experience per member, each brings a level of expertise and integrity unparalled in our field. Our expert witness services are equally available to defense and plaintiff clients. We offer innovative solutions to the challenges of each client’s case.


In the interest of supplying our clients with enhanced services, the ATA Transportation Team is an assemblage of seasoned experts associated with our company that work in a variety of areas that cover the wide spectrum of factors and eventualities that arise during the course of an accident investigation. In addition to performing the functions of accident reconstructionists, ATA serves as an investigation coordinator, utilizing our network of associated experts to serve our clients in the best, most efficient way possible.


The "Toolbox" is a detailed overview of 45 years of accident reconstruction and forensic engineering projects performed by ATA that is divided into reconstruction categories. It is a "one stop" web page that while informative and educational,also serves as a guidepost to our visitors as to how ATA may be of service to them.

Please contact us directly to learn if we can match a highly qualified expert with your project needs.

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