"60 Seconds for Safety"

These brief 60 second lessons focus on a single concept with the intention of being thought provoking or of starting discussion between instructors and students – a "gear shift" from a typical long, lecture style classroom session.

Deceptive Headlights

Judging Speed & Distance at Night

Driving in Inclement Weather

Right Front Blind Spots

Aggressive Driving Wastes Fuel

How Quickly Can You Stop?

Confusing Lights Ahead

Safely Making a Left Turn

Proper Footwear

Checking for Cracked Brake Drums

Visual Search/Space Management

Tractor Positioning for Making Left Turns and U-Turns

Lights on Your Rig

Covering Cargo

Sliding the Fifth Wheel

Tire Inflation Issues

Avoiding Underride Collisions

Emergency Triangles

Checking the 5th Wheel

Properly Adjusted Mirrors

Checking Your Battery Cables

Controlling Traffic Around You

CVSA Decals

Safe Following Distances

Dangers of Rusted Lug Nuts

Fluid Leaks on Wheels

Smoke on the Roadway

Overhead Clearance Space

Passing Emergency Vehicles:
Move Over Laws

Eat Healthy on the Road

Sliding Tandem Axles

Unclutter Your Dashboard

Drain Your Rig's Wet Tank

Having an "Out"

Measuring Tread Depth

Dangers of Standing Water

Low Clearance Trailers

In Cab Driver Distractions

Fire Extinguisher Requirements

Left Turn Off-Tracking

Safely Uncouple Your Trailer

How Fast is That Train Coming?

How Long to Clear a RR Grade Crossing??

Look Before Backing Up Your Rig

Inspecting Brake System Lines

Report Erratic Driving

Tie Down Devices on Flatbeds

Inspecting Wheel/Tire Damage