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A direct result of ATA’s experience with accident investigation, accident reconstruction and testing, is our knowledge, expertise and concerns with safety issues across a broad scope, vehicle/ transportation, - both commercial and recreational, product liability, testing, workplace incidents, and others. Having done extensive work in so many areas has put ATA in a position to have plenty of real world exposure to identifying the causes of accidents, systems failures and performance limitations.

ATA transportation safety consultants are trained in safety and engineering and hold PE or CSP designations. Drawing from their extensive experience, our safety consultants perform audits, inspections and system/process analyses to determine program effectiveness and identify hazardous conditions for correction before they lead to accidents. Their insight into why systems fail result in more thorough and realistic recommendations for corrective action.

Our trucking safety experts are prepared to consult and testify on all manner of state and federal regulations as they pertain to the trucking industry and can supply expertise on the applicable standards concerning all types of roadway shipping vehicles. They are also well-versed on truck driver risk factors, FMCSA enforcement techniques, hazardous materials transport and safety culture issues.

Additionally, in combining this background with the talents of our Graphics and Multimedia Productions Department, ATA can create a high quality safety training program for your company or organization. We have experience in creating safety presentations.

ATA staff members have created and formatted programs and presented on an assortment of safety-related topics including railroad grade crossings, personal water craft and the world of heavy trucking.