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Railroad Crossing Incidents

Focus on the Highway-Rail Intersection

Train Air Brake Systems, Locomotive Dynamic Brakes


ATA has performed railroad accident reconstruction and has been closely involved with the railroad industry for over 40 years. We have not only concerned ourselves with railroad accident investigation and railroad accident analysis, but have also been involved in the study of railroad safety issues, and how improvements can be made to this critical area of public interest.

ATA has extensive background in rail-grade crossing accident investigation and in issues concerning Section 130 of the Highway Safety Act. We have also developed a strong relationship with the "Operation Lifesaver" program to assist in accident prevention efforts.

Railroad accident investigation scenarios involving issues of line-of-sight, conspicuity, quiet zones, signage and barriers are all areas in which ATA has expertise to support clients' accident reconstruction needs.

Contact ATA's railroad accident reconstruction experts if you need assistance in any of the following areas:

FRA Train Horn Rule "Quiet Zones"
Railroad Safety and Operating Rules
Federal and State Regulations
Timing and Dynamic Analysis
Highway/Rail Grade Crossing Closures and Consolidations
Railcar and Locomotive Operations
Event Recorder Data Analysis
Inspection and Repair Standards

Right-of-Way Visibility Issues
Truck Structure and Facilities
Trespass Prevention and Incident Investigation
Highway/Rail Grade Crossing Incidents
Warning and Signalling Devices
Highway/Rail Safety Corridors Analysis
Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA)
Expert Witness Referral

As with other areas of our work, ATA employees and associates maintain a working role on industry related committees such as the Transportation Research Board Highway Rail Grade Crossing Committee.

Click on this link to view "Transit Public Awareness" articles from the railroad safety advocacy program "Operation Lifesaver" web site.