Accident Reconstruction, Forensic Analysis, Testing, Graphic Animation and Litigation Support...

These are but a few of the areas in which ATA Associates will provide you with highest level of service and performance.

With over 40 years serving clients through engineering and technical services, performing analysis, training, consulting, accident reconstruction and forensic litigation support, ATA has built a base of experience and information covering a broad range of industries and disciplines.


In the interest of supplying our clients with enhanced services, the ATA Transportation Team is an assemblage of seasoned experts associated with our company that work in a variety of areas that cover the wide spectrum of factors and eventualities that arise during the course of an accident investigation. In addition to performing the functions of accident reconstructionists, ATA serves as an investigation coordinator, utilizing our network of associated experts to serve our clients in the best, most efficient way possible.


The "Toolbox" is a detailed overview of 45 years of accident reconstruction and forensic engineering projects performed by ATA that is divided into reconstruction categories. It is a "one stop" web page that while informative and educational,also serves as a guidepost to our visitors as to how ATA may be of service to them.

ATA Associates was founded by NASA engineer, Robert Swint, in Houston, Texas in 1974 as an accident reconstruction and litigation support company for local attorneys. We have provided support to over 5000 cases and projects for over 1500 different clients and have grown steadily in size and capabilities over the years. Our initial focus on litigation has grown to include new areas and become a nationally known provider of quality engineering and technical consulting, accident reconstruction, commercial and technical graphics, safety and educational training. We are continually challenged and motivated for expansion and improvement and have chosen to meet those challenges as opportunities for improvement of the services that we provide our clients. Commercial, technical and safety support is a rapidly growing part of our business and is expected to equal or surpass litigation support in the next few years.

We are structured to provide timely, knowledgeable and cost-effective support in any of our areas of expertise.

Our key staff members are experienced in meeting the unique challenges of one-of-a-kind requirements as well as routine situations. When you call ATA, you will talk with a knowledgeable project coordinator who will quickly connect you with a technical expert who can address your problem. Our processes are streamlined to allow for quick response and minimum hassle so that your needs are addressed with minimal delay.