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From the archives of "The Expert", ATA's industry newsletter:

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Ski Tube Testing with GPS


The ATA laboratories are equipped for a wide variety of unique and specialized testing.

An environmental hood, horizontal and vertical flame test chambers, tension and compression load cells, accelerometers for measuring vibration and structural loading jigs provide unique capabilities to test products and components. Test data can be logged electronically for analysis and display.

Recent tests include minivan rear door structural loading, failure testing of glass containers, spring rate measurement and testing, hydraulic pump relief valve performance, SUV rollover tests, fuel pump failure mode tests and analysis, air bladder failure testing,stick-steer boat rate-of-turn tests and characterization of water heater thermostat operating parameters in optimal and sub-optimal conditions.

ATA Associates Part of Team to Advance Utilization of NASA JSC Facilities

ATA has extensive in-house capability but also maintains alliances with several laboratories in the nearby area for quick access in highly specialized situations.