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From the archives of "The Expert", ATA's industry newsletter:

ATA Testing Supports Expert Testimony
- Testing standards & ATA capabilities
An Expert's Perspective
- The product liability case.


The process of providing effective litigation support is a sequence of progressive activities that may run sequentially or, at times, in parallel. In order to fully explore the issues of a case, all of the following steps must be taken to some degree.

Failing in any one can extend the process of getting to resolution.

  • Quick Response to the scene to document the environment, landmarks, ground scars, vehicle paths and any other important information.
  • Survey and diagramming of the site to preserve important positional information and create a site drawing.
  • Inspection of involved equipment or vehicles to determine failures, damage, damage patterns and direction and important classifying information.
  • Analysis of photos, video, statements, reports and other research information.
  • Testing of vehicles, equipment or components as required to explore and verify, or deny, hypotheses.
  • Reporting findings in written form to concerned parties.
  • Developing demonstrative exhibits to support the reports and trial process.
  • Testifying as required to explain findings and opinions.