From the archives of "The Expert", ATA's industry newsletter:

BP Texas City Explosion - Catalyst for Dramatic Change in Chemical Plant Operation & Safety

3D Animation of Plant Explosion

3D Animation of Refinery Explosion

3D Animation of Factory Dust Explosion


The petrochemical industry is a vital part of our regional economy. This industry has continually experienced a variety of accidents and events that have resulted in chemical spills, fires, explosions and personal injury or death. The severity of such events in combination with the size and complexity of petrochemical facilities can make accident investigation extremely complicated. Any investigation must be initiated quickly and done with expert assistance to ensure the the meaningful and accurate collection of evidence and information.

Watch an example of our work: 3D Animation of an Oil Rig Incident

ATA has assembled a petrochemical accident investigation team possessing the resources and broad range of expertise needed to provide this required high level of service. Our highly experienced quick response teams are equipped to gather the necessary data to provide the bedrock for comprehensive investigation and analysis. Our staff engineers and accident reconstructionists will use this data along with other resources, including the ability to design and execute testing scenarios, to arrive at causation analysis. Our Graphics department can develop an array of demonstrative aids, including scale working models and 3-D animation, to provide a complete accident reconstruction package.