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In recent years, there has been a proliferation of advanced 3D graphics instruments and programs that ATA staff has integrated into their workflow. These Applied Graphics Analysis (AGA) programs consistently utilize more efficient processes to produce a higher quality, more visually impactful end product. This results in improved cost-value for our clients.


The introduction of these AGA technologies has increased both the scope and capabilities of our Quick Response Field Services. Because of the increasing demand for 3-dimensional graphic imagery, when ATA staff goes into the field; we prepare and equip ourselves toward that end. When performing inspections of incident sites, vehicles or relevant evidence, our documentation procedures involve the use of 3D digitizing equipment, high quality drones, ultra high-definition cameras. and phones equipped with Lidar 3D scanning capabilities.

Collected data can then be combined with surveillance video, satellite imagery, additional drone generated imagery, cell phone video, Google Earth images and other resources to develop a full range of graphic and 3-Dimensional imagery that is both visually stunning and data and content heavy.

ArcGIS, Context Capture, Cloud Compare, iNPUT-ACE, FARO Zone 3D, FARO Scene, Pix 4D, AutoCAD, Hidonix Navigation and Adobe Premiere are among the software programs that ATA utilizes to achieve positive results.

FARO Zone 3D Forensic Animations:

ATA utilizes the 3D animation software program FARO Zone 3D. It is the latest version of this comprehensive, easy-to-use 3 dimensional forensic animation package that quickly and effectively generates crash scenarios.
FARO Zone 3D Sample Playlist

3D Animations:

Few elements of an effective presentation can make a more immediate impression on your target audience than a well executed 3D graphic animation. In many cases, animations tell the story much better to allow the viewer to visualize sequences, configurations, operational flows and assembly. For over 20 years, ATA has been providing clients with high quality graphic animations to fit a variety of applications from courtroom presentations to product & systems demonstrations. 3D Animation Samples

Demonstrative Graphics:

Sometimes, a verbal presentation, no matter how well planned and thought out, will not fully connect your story with the audience. ATA's demonstrative graphics can expedite understanding and drive home the points your are trying to make.
These are particularly useful when presenting highly technical issues or topics that an audience may not be familiar with. Our staff can create printed graphics in various formats from notebook style to large-scale poster printouts. You will work with our staff to decide the most impactful content, scale and method for presenting your story, evidence or testimony.


ATA knows the value of quality photographic images. Poor photos can hurt your project as much as good photos can help it.

ATA puts the latest equipment in the hands of trained professional photographers to produce clear, concise photos, which can be the focal point of a case or investigation.

Our photographers specialize in:

  • Close-up (macro) photography
  • Precision night photographs as well as night video images
  • Photogrammetry
  • Photo documentation
  • Stop-action photography
  • Forensic documentation
  • Medium and small format film
  • Digital format

Additionally, we can perform technical and demonstrative photography geared towards the purposes of forensic and litigation analyses, or concerning whatever application you may require.