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You will not find a better test, inspection and reconstruction support facility. The 15,000 square foot ATA Technology Center is equipped with an overhead crane and vehicle lift, electrical, shop air, exceptional lighting and a full array of tools and equipment. This facility provides a clean, safe, secure, environmentally controlled work space.

The ATA Technology Center houses our staff, intellectual resources, tools and equipment to support state-of-the-art methods in testing, analysis, accident reconstruction, graphics and video. It provides the optimal environment for our customers and staff to engage in an extensive array of unique technical activities.


High Bay Laboratory

Specialized High Bay Facilities

This facility houses equipment critical to handling items for inspection, tests and precise technical analyses:

  • 10-ton capacity overhead bridge crane for safe and secure movement of large objects.
  • 10,000-lb. capacity hydraulic lift raises vehicles for safe underside inspection.
  • Our 60-foot long by 15-foot high wall grid and 30-foot by 18-foot floor grid provide dimensional perspectives for photography and time-motion studies.
  • Vehicle lifting frame safely raises vehicles so that they can be rotated a full 360 degrees for test and inspection.
  • A rigid structural test table provides a stable base for structural deformation and failure tests.
  • Full array of general and special purpose hand and power tools to accomplish disassembly, inspection and test.

Fabrication Shop

Fabrication Shop

The fabrication shop is equipped with wood and metal working tools and machinery for fabricating unique testing mechanisms, test jigs, instrumentation mounts and demonstrative scale models.

Engineering and Analysis Laboratory

Advanced Engineering Lab

The engineering and analysis lab is equipped to perform computer analyses, electrical component testing, limited small-scale flammability and fluids testing and instrumentation procedures. A sampling of resources includes:

  • An environmental hood for safely conducting small scale tests on chemicals and flammables.
  • Power supplies, oscilloscopes, waveform generators and general purpose electrical test equipment.
  • Laboratory microscope for detailed examination of parts.
  • MasterTech scan tool - to diagnose and repair vehicle electronic engine control systems.
  • Automotive "black box" data recovery system - Crash Data Recovery(CDR).
  • Truck Data Retrieval - to include quickstop, hard braking, air bag deployment and system information.
  • Mitchell OnDemand - computerized vehicle repair information systems.

Laboratory Software Capabilities

Multimedia Crash Analysis Software

PC Crash and FARO Zone 3D are software programs for simulation and analysis of crash dynamics.

Daisy Lab and Stalker ATS software are used for instrument set-up, data download and data analysis.

Video/Graphics Laboratory

Full Production Video and Graphics

Our video and graphics animation facility provides complete services to support clients' needs for litigation, marketing and training. High resolution digital video and photography, a sound booth and full editing capability for SD and HD digital productions are but a few of the key features of our graphics department.

Imaging and and media integration software such as Context Capture, ArcGIS, Input-Ace, FARO-Zone, ACDSee and Pix4D Mapper have been added to ATA’s arsenal. Additionally, our staff now uses drones as part of our standard workflow and ATA recently aquired a 3D printer, expanding our case presentation capabilities. 3D Studio MAX, Adobe After Effects, AutoCAD and Scene laser scanner software by FARO and are the tools of choice by the experienced animators to create highly accurate 3-D and 2-D models and animations.

Other Specialized Equipment

Specialized Testing and Analysis Equipment

In addition to the particular lab specific equipment discussed previously, ATA has a number of versatile equipment items that can be used in the field as well as in the laboratory. Some examples follow.

  • Nikon Total Station system for performing digital forensic mapping.
  • FARO three-dimensional laser scanner.
  • IOTech signal conditioning and data logging equipment package allows for collection of up to 264 channels of high rate data on strain, temperature, acceleration, vibration, loads, force and a number of other parameters during tests.
  • Field crash test data collection is accomplished using IST high rate 3-axis data logging packages.
  • MasterTech vehicle diagnostics.
  • Vetronix CDR module download software and equipment.

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