What to Have on Hand in an Emergency

Since 1972, ATA Associates, a forensic engineering firm, has offered its clients a service called Quick Response, an immediate action to go to an accident scene and photograph and video as well as survey the accident area, collect evidence, and generally document the available facts of the accident.

ATA’s Quick Response crews must be ready at a moment’s notice to be on the road, fully equipped to do the job. To be at this constant state of readiness demands a certain amount of pre-planning and pre-packing.

ATA Associates has developed an extensive set of check lists that are used by ATA crews to gather necessary equipment and accessories needed for almost any type of quick response situation in the field.

Using this organizational experience, ATA has developed a series of check lists that anyone can use to create “Quick Response packs” and organize supplies such that they can be available in the case of an incident, either natural or manmade.

Living in the Gulf Coast area, experience has also been gained through coping with the trials of mandatory evacuations, such as hurricanes, flooding and petrochemical plant processing issues. Events in other areas of the country, such as Hurricane Sandy, have also taught us harsh lessons about the value of proactive emergency response preparation.

The Quick Response packs and supplies would provide the means to sustain a person/family through an extraordinary situation.

These check lists have been developed as a guide to the supplies one might need to help sustain managed existence and personal safety in an emergency.

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Checklists (PDF format)

Primary "Go To" Pack
General Items
Automotive Kit
Moving Out/Camping Supplies
Clothing Kit
Food and Liquids Kit
Tool Kit
All Checklists
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Photos of Selected Supplies and Equipment*

*The products shown in the photographs represent only illustrations of a concept. ATA Associates, Inc. does not endorse nor have any agreements with the manufacturers of these products to promote or encourage the use of these particular products. There are many products on the market similar in function to these that will fulfill the same requirements.