Boerne - Collision Between Cyclist and Parked Delivery Vehicle
Human Performance / Kinematics / Perception/Response Time / Visibility Issues

Charleston Nighttime Incident - Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle
Human Performance / Judgement of Speed & Distance / Perception/Response Time / Visibility Issues / Kinematics

Kroger Nighttime Truck Car Accident on I-10
Perception/Response Time / Visibility Issues

SUV Rollover Incident and Vehicle Performance Testing
Human Performance / Perception/Reaction / Kinematics

Big Daddy Boat Collision with Small Craft in Bayou
Perception/Response Time

Louisiana Accident Between Two Rigs - Rear-End Collision
Judgement of Speed & Distance / Perception/Reception Time / Visibility Issues

San Diego Christmas Boat Parade Incident - Coast Guard Patrol Boat & Pleasure Boat
Anthropometrics / Visibilty Issues

Domestic Violence Case
Human Performance / Kinematics

Automotive Incident Investigation with Tire Performance Testing

Motorcycle and Bobtail Nighttime Incident
Judgement of Speed and Distance / Perception/Reaction Time / Visibility Issues

School Bus Impact with Small Child
Visibility Issues / Perception/Reaction Time / Human Performance

Dayton Nighttime Incident - Double Underride
Perception/Response Time / Visibility Issues

Overloaded Boat Results in Swamping and Injuries
Anthropometrics / Kinematics

Concrete Pumper - Light Sequencing Issues
Perception/Response Time

Pipe Truck Rear-ended at Night with Fatality
Visibility Issues / Judgement of Speed and Distance / Perception/Reaction Time

Concrete Truck Incident with Surveillance Video
Perception/Response Time

Auto and Truck Left Turn Incident with Animations
Perception/Response Time / Judgement of Speed and Distance / Visibility Issues

Lake Meade - Swimmer Struck by Boat

Motorboat Bow Seating Area Ejection Case and Testing
Anthropometry / Kinematics

Hay Truck and Tractor Trailer Collision
Perception/Reaction Time / Judgement of Speed and Distance

Paper Embossing Machine Accident

Longview Trailer Underride
Perception/Response Time

Bugatti Incident
Perception/Response Time

Human Slip & Fall-Egress / Kinematics

Train Nighttime Repair incident
Visibility Issues

UPS Truck Left Turn Collision
Perception/Response Time

Golf Cart/Pedestrian Fatality
Human Performance

Boat Collision Accident on Guadalupe River
Visibility Issues

Nighttime Pedestrian Accident - Pasadena
Anthropometry / Human Performance / Visibility Issues

Cyclist rides into Parked Landscaping Trailer
Kinematics / Perception/Reaction Time

Nighttime Tanker Trailer Underride - Sealy
Judgement of Speed & Distance / Visibility Issues

Superman Ride - Rider Ejection

Boat Passenger Ejection
Anthropometry, Kinematics

Georgia Nighttime Pedestrian Accident
Human Performance

Dallas Light Rail Truck Collision
Judgement of Speed/Distance

Dallas Light Rail Train Hits Boy
Human Performance

Auto Truck Collision on Toll Road

Pickup Rear Ends Flat Bed Trailer - Marshall
Perception/Response Time, Nighttime Visibility

Front End Loader Slip and Fall
Anthropometry / Slip and Fall-Egress / Kinematics

Vendor's Tricycle - Tractor Trailer Accident
Human Performance / Judgement of Speed and Distance

Truck Backs into Loading Dock Fatality

Car Rear Ends Tanker Truck
Perception/Response Time