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Back To Basics - Checklists

Back To Basics - Bulb Filaments

Back To Basics - Headlights

Back To Basics - Night Photography - ISO Settings

Back To Basics - Traffic Signal Timing


ATA Associates recognizes the need to do an accident investigation utilizing the proper scientific methodology combined with a cost effective process that can provide an accurate reconstruction of an accident if and when it is required. We call this process, "Back to Basics". Accident related information and evidence, such as accident site marks, vehicles, and electronic data can disappear quickly. Lost or incomplete data can complicate the ability to evaluate and accurately reconstruct an accident. This can lead to issues if litigation of the event occurs at a later time.


The most effective method to understand an accident is to respond to it quickly, collect the evidence properly and preserve it until it is required.

ATA’s Back to the Basics approach investigates an accident collecting the necessary data to understand and reconstruct the accident. The data is collected but not processed or analyzed until the demands of the case require this. This approach preserves evidence to protect the client, maximizes the effectiveness of the information and minimizes the cost.

ATA recognizes that the cost of accident reconstruction can be a concern to clients. The cost for attorneys and experts can be considered excessive if the accident does not lead to litigation. However, even what appears initially to be a small accident with little or no liability can result in litigation with large cost demands.

ATA has developed a comprehensive list of areas to focus on in the gathering of essential data in an accident. Among the items emphasized are visual records of the site and areas of impact; signals and signage; complete electronic site survey; vehicle documentation, including vehicle and tire measurements; light filament documentation and retention; and electronic vehicle data downloads.


Additional data gathering taking place after the initial site inspection includes vehicle specifications; accident reports; witness statements; sun/moon data and weather conditions.

ATA has been involved with over 5,000 accident investigations and reconstructions. We know what is required to do a complete investigation. ATA’s experience in dealing with accident reconstruction allows us to understand what evidence to look for and how to preserve it so that information is maintained and controlled and can be effectively utilized for the long term, should litigation occur.

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