ATA has added to its tool chest the versatile and useful 3D animation software program FARO Reality (HD). It is a comprehensive, easy-to-use 3 dimensional animation package that quickly and effectively generates crash scenarios which allows us to take 3D point clouds developed from our FARO 3D scanner and put them into a context to be more efficiently analyzed. In the image below, crush analysis can be performed quickly and accurately on the accident vehicle's crush profile. The point cloud objects can be animated to follow the terrain of the roadway. Reality analysis tools include crush data analysis and linear momentum.

An impressive attribute of the Reality software is how easily the user can bring in point cloud data for study. Often, complex 3D environments and damage patterns are difficult to make sense of. Below are examples of how 3D visualization programs such as Reality can be a quicker path to determine what occurred in a given incident, via the analysis of scuffs and scratches on a vehicle.