3D Animation - Amusement Ride Passenger Ejection

Video Clip - ATA Amusements Testing

From the archives of "The Expert", ATA's industry newsletter:
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Amusements - Working with the Industry to Enhance Safety
- ATA and amusement ride safety
ATA - Providing Experience When it's Needed
- ATA's amusements capabilities


ATA has been involved in amusement industry accident reconstruction, park ride testing, park ride safety and analysis for over twenty years. We also lend our expertise in testing, instrumentation, inspection and analysis to support proactive amusement park safety programs across the US. We have the capability to collect up to 30 channels of simultaneous strain, force, pressure, temperature and acceleration data as well as digital still and video images. In addition, our graphics staff can create outstanding 3-D graphic animations, enabling ATA to correctly diagnose and analyze amusement park accidents.

Our amusement industry support staff, showing their commitment to the improvement of amusement park safety, is also involved in the standards development processes for the industry through participation in ASTM F-24 committees.