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From quick response to the accident site, to testifying to the jury on cause factors, our staff and experts are on the job to help clients document, understand and present the facts. These services can branch out to vehicle, structure or product testing and analysis, as well as multimedia presentations using various formats to portray the facts in the most effective way possible.

The sequence of services are as follows -

  • Quick response to the scene, (to combat the effects of evidence degradation), in order to document the environment, landmarks, ground scars, vehicle paths and any other important information.
  • Survey and diagramming of the site to preserve important positional information and create a site drawing.
  • Inspection of involved equipment or vehicles to determine failures, damage, damage patterns and direction and important classifying information.
  • Analysis of photos, video, statements, reports and other research information.
  • Testing of vehicles, equipment or components as required to explore and verify or deny, hypotheses.
  • Reporting findings in written form to concerned parties.
  • Developing demonstrative exhibits to support the reports and trial process, with the possible inclusion of high quality three-dimensional graphic animations.
  • Testifying as required to explain findings and opinions






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