Mr. Swint is the founder and CEO of ATA Associates. He spent 25 years with NASA Space Program. While at NASA his activities included manager of the NASA Measurements Laboratory and the Lead Project Engineer on Lunar Module Instrumentation and Testing. Mr. Swint continued his involvement in instrumentation and testing of products when he started ATA in 1974. ATA has the capabilities to test and evaluate products at its technology center dealing with small product evaluation through large system levels. ATA has agreements with NASA to utilize their engineering and test facilities.

Mr.Fritsch is a licensed, professional engineer with a Master of Mechanical Engineering degree from Rice University. He has worked at ATA Associates for over 17 years after gaining broad engineering experience in prior jobs with two NASA contractors and an oilfield equipment manufacturer. In addition to his experience working on the evaluation of motor vehicle and boat dynamics, Ed has done extensive work on the testing and analysis of manufacturing machinery and industrial facility systems components, as well as investigating cases involving household and recreational products.

Mr. Vaughan has received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Wright State University with a focus in design engineering. Allen has developed proficiency analyzing accidents using engineering tools such as the FARO 3D scanner, FARO Zone 3D, Context Capture and ArcGIS software, V-Box data collector and surveying equipment. .

Ms. Yergin has been an accident investigator since 1994, when she went to study under forensic physicist Thomas L. Bohan, a past president of the Academy of Forensic Sciences. April has two degrees, one of which was a bachelor of science in aeronautical engineering from Arizona State University.

Ms. Yergin has extensive experience in vehicle systems download, dynamics analysis and computer-aided simulation tools, and is ACTAR certified.

Noel has extensive experience in conducting digital forensics acquisitions and analysis on a variety of cases involving business and employment disputes, compliance with discovery requests, family law, harassment, in-house investigations for large corporations, copyright infringement and criminal cases. He also has handled large-scale E-Discovery matters. Noel is an EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE), Board Member of the Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA), and Charter Member of the International Association of Cyber & Economic Crime Professionals (IACECP.) Noel is a licensed Private Investigator by the State of Texas

Jeff Eckert Oversees and manages client requests for digital investigations and computer forensics services. Jeff came to Pathway with over 15 years of advanced practical experience in several different types of digital investigations including; intellectual property theft, employment litigation and criminal matters as well as cybersecurity and insider threat detection. Mr. Eckert served as a Captain in the Texas Attorney General’s Office, where he led criminal investigation matters with the Cyber Crime Unit and Digital Forensic Laboratory. Jeff is also a graduate of the FBI’s National Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

Rick conducts digital forensics acquisitions and analysis. His experience includes performing and overseeing numerous examinations of computers and electronic evidence, providing digital forensics analysis, consulting with clients on matters involving electronically stored information and has provided expert testimony. Rick has handled cases for business and employment disputes, compliance with discovery requests in litigation and government investigations including SEC matters, investigations of intellectual property theft, fraud, harassment, and family law matters.

Halen Phan has extensive experience in conducting digital forensics acquisitions and data analysis on a variety of matters involving civillitigation, intellectual property theft, employee misconduct, and corporate investigation and discovery requests. Mr. Phan also has experience in eDiscovery matters encompassing all phases of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM). Mr. Phan has provided signed affidavits involving computer forensics. He is a GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst (GCFA), GIAC Advanced Smartphone Forensic Analyst (GASF), and a member of InfraGard. Mr. Phan is a licensed Private Investigator by the State of Texas.

Dustin is an information security and DFIR expert with over 13 years of experience. As a recognized expert in the field of cybersecurity, he is routinely engaged to conduct proactive risk assessments to strengthen his client's security posture and is a trusted partner in the immediate aftermath of cyber events. He has conducted hundreds of investigations involving hacking, data breaches, trade secret theft, employee malfeasance, and a variety of other legal and compliance issues. He has submitted written and oral testimony in local, state, and Federal courts.

Dr. Andre is a professor at James Madison University. His expertise centers on visual perception and human factors. He has been conducting vision research in university settings since 1988 and has over 20 publications and 55 conference presentations and invited addresses. Dr. Andre’s expert witness consulting activities provide him an opportunity to apply his research and interests in visual science and human factors to the legal community.

In his 20 year career, he has provided expert opinions on issues such as, but not limited to, conspicuity,
lighting conditions, perception-reaction time, and alcohol’s effects on vision, expectation and attention. He has represented almost evenly plaintiffs and defense clients and includes both civil and criminal cases involving driving, traffic, pedestrian, cyclist, residential, trip & fall, and boating/maritime matters.

Barry G. Dickey is the certified forensic expert for Audio Evidence Lab, a laboratory specializing in the analysis of audio/video evidence. With over 20 years of experience, Mr. Dickey has provided testimony in federal and state courts on issues involving audio, video, and voice identification. His responsibilities include audio/video authentication, digital enhancement/restoration, voice identification/elimination, speech/phonetic analysis, and transcription of evidentiary recordings. In association with The American College of Forensic Examiners, Mr. Dickey has served on the Executive Committees for both the Forensic Audio and Forensic Video Divisions of the American Board of Recorded Evidence.

Dr. Lasseigne has extensive experience in the fields of metallurgy, hydrogen, corrosion, and materials science and is a world renowned expert in hydrogen embrittlement and corrosion.

Angelique places great emphasis on taking an ethical approach to her work and has published over 90 papers and co-authored three books in the fields of welding metallurgy, corrosion, and non-destructive testing for materials characterization. She received bachelors degrees in physics and metallurgical engineering and her M.S. and Ph.D. in metallurgical engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.